Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Introducing TAFA!

For all you textile and fiber art lovers, I'm pleased to introduce you to...

The Textile and Fiber Art List

I'm proud to be a new member of this incredibly talented and vibrant community of artists who use fabric and fiber as their medium of choice. Rachel Biel the creator and organizer of this group works tirelessly to bring textile and fiber artists to the forefront.  With over 300 members and growing, TAFA is proving itself to be a force to contend with.  Here's just a small sampling of the incredible talent within its membership.

"Henry The Octopus" $1500 bbusbyarts.etsy.com

Crochet Daisy Brooch Blue Green Teal in Fine Thread $20 by Nothingbutstring.etsy.com

Handbag OOAK Freeform Crochet - Guru - Deep Water $250 by rensfibreart.etsy.com

Tree of Life Quilt - Custom Designed $200 by OhMadeThreads.etsy.com

Burlap Journal: Repurposed Rice Bag Burlap Chalkboard Eco Friendly $16.15 DharmaKarmaArts.etsy.com

Forest Collection Quilt Art Handmade Wall Hanging $225 cimdyrquilts.etsy.com

FEATHER LYRICS -Peacock tail- reclaimed fiber earrings $15 Hagarae.etsy.com

Black, White and Red Petunia Style Sweater Coat, Size Medium (10-14) $350 Brendaabdullah.etsy.com

Felt Wall Hanging / Bright Eyes $350 CloverleafFibreArt.etsy.com

Handmade Fiber Art Bracelet Beach Glass $55 pdlugos.etsy.com

Sunflower Garden silk art quilt, original art $225 by AsianArtAndQuilts.etsy.com

I'm so inspired! If you'd like to know more about TAFA or to join, here's a few links you may be interested in.

TAFA's Website: http://www.tafalist.com/

TAFA's Member Blog: http://tafateam.blogspot.com/

TAFA'S Etsy Team

Check out my new TAFA profile!

Go to TAFA's Website for a complete list of links.

Creatively yours,


  1. Gorgeous collection, Christine, thank you so much for featuring me

  2. What a beautiful collecton! I love that tree of life quilt. Beautiful!

  3. Wonderful, Christine! Your enthusiasm has been an inspiration! Just a couple of clarifications: TAFA's membership is up to 308 members and about half of them have Etsy shops, so our Etsy team is made up of 150 or so cool shops. Those can be seen on our TAFA Team blog (the www.tafateam.blogspot.com).

    It's all very confusing right now as we are spread out all over the place. We have the etsy hub, one on facebook, another on linkedin and another on flickr. But, soon, it will all come together on our beautiful new site (preview the first draft at http://www.tafalist.com/p/new-site.html). We also set up a temporary market to give an idea what search results will look like on our new site: www.tafamarket.com.

    One thing is for sure: TAFA is full of eye candy and will become one of THE destinations for anyone who likes fiber art or textiles. The members are wonderful, talented, savvy, and many have eco-agendas, using non-toxic dyes or organic yarns, recycling, etc. All very cool!

    And, it's just wonderful to have YOU on board, Christine! Thanks for such a nice shout out about TAFA!

  4. Good work! I'll be happy to see the day when textile artists routinely appear in the Tate alongside painters.

  5. i am always proud to be featured among all these gorgeous and creative TAFA members!
    This is such a wonderful list!
    Thank you so much!

  6. This a wonderful entry and I thank you for featuring my item among such talented artist. You have a really great blog that I enjoy reading. Much success to you and thank you!!

  7. Thanks so much for including my Forest quilt on your blog. I will follow your blog to see what other treasures you show. Best, Cindy

  8. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies. And Rayela, I appreciate the additional information. This helps a lot. I'm really enjoying being a member of TAFA!