Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ask The Experts! Call for Participants

Photo courtesy of John A. Ford

One of the advantages to having a new blog is that I have the time, opportunity and energy to connect with my readers personally. I'd like to know more about you and how I can assist with your creative pursuits. It is my hope to build my blog into a creative haven and source of inspiration for artists and crafters alike.

Are you experiencing any creative struggles right now? Is there a creative block, unfinished project, time constraints or something else holding you back from reaching your goals? If so, email me at cwelshford[at!]yahoo.ca and you may be chosen for some free one on one help from me with your story and work published on my blog!

"I'd like to know more about you and how I can assist with your creative pursuits."

My expertise is fairly diverse ranging from performing arts and music to visual arts, especially fine art fiber wallhangings, quilting, beaded jewelry and stitched bookbinding. I also have a lot of experience selling my work online at christinemarieford.etsy.com

If I don't have the answers, I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by a rich community of experts in the arts who love to solve creative puzzles. I hope to continue this as an ongoing series with guest experts from time to time.

Contact me and tell me a bit about yourself along with a detailed description of the creative challenge you're facing right now. If chosen, we'll do our best to solve your dilemma and feature your story and work on this blog.

What creative challenges do you face? How do you over come them? Leave us your comments!

Creatively yours,

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