Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taking a Break From My Break

Since my last post "Breaking" News, there's been little change in my recovery. Feeling cooped up and isolated for more than a month is beginning to take its toll and I need a change of scenery. Fortunately my parents have a fantastic cottage in Gloucester Pool near Orillia Ontario. In a few hours I plan to be on the road to a northern getaway for a couple of weeks before officially starting physio on my newly reconstructed shoulder.

Photo by John A. Ford copyright 2010

Normally when I plan a cottage trip the car is packed to the brim with art and craft supplies and a modest bag of clothes and toiletries. This year will be different. After all what can I do when I can barely do anything? At least that was my brief thought in a moment of despair at the long road of recovery ahead of me. Once I began to think, I came up with a list of activities to get creative even when I can't yet create any of the artwork or crafts that I so enjoy. Don't worry, I still plan to spend lots of time smelling the roses, taking in the fresh air and hopefully swimming in the lake. These activity ideas are to help deal with my restless side and constant craving for the creative. Plus I feel more empowered knowing that there are lots of things I can do if I feel like it.

The cottage may be up North but by golly we've got wireless. My laptop will be handy whenever I need to stay connected.

Take Photos
It might be awkward since the button is on the right and my right hand as of yet doesn't get much higher than my waist but it's a little point and shoot device. I'm sure I can click using my left hand instead. Hopefully I can get some great shots to inspire future art projects.

I just recently purchased new sketching pencils which are all sharpened and ready to go. Luckily I'm left handed and my injury shouldn't interfere with my sketching abilities.

This is a good time to take up some journalling. I can write about my journey. I could also keep track of ideas and inspiration as it comes for future projects.

Lots of great opportunities are coming up for me in the fall. I hope to take a few minutes from my R&R to add some important dates and events to my calendar. Oftentimes I feel overwhelmed by the task of running my studio full time and steering my career towards greater success. Sometimes it's good to have time to just research, organize and prioritize my tasks for when I'm back in full swing.

I plan to read murder mystery novels just for pure entertainment. When I feel the need to learn something new, I've got a couple of brand new books on blogging, one of which is "Blogging For Dummies". I can read to my heart's content without any pain. I follow lots of blogs as well and hope to catch up on them.

Well, I think this is plenty of possibilities to keep me busy during my vacation. Maybe I'll be blogging away out on the deck or maybe...I'll do nothing at all but laze by the lake...


  1. I'm quite jealous. Sounds like you are going to have a relaxing and enjoyable time. How nice it will be to regroup and be alone with your thoughts in a beautiful area. You will return home so refreshed.

  2. Sometimes we're forced to take a break whether we want one or not! Sounds like you will have plenty to keep you busy. Don't forget to just enjoy being there.

  3. I missed your Breaking News post...just read it. I am so sorry for you. It looks like you have some relaxing activities to enjoy while your away. Just take it easy :)

  4. Sher, yes I am very fortunate to have some place to go. I have a lot to be grateful for. :)

    Annette, you're absolutely right. I'm not good at taking breaks and now I have no choice. I'm thinking about what that means to me. To just be.

    Orange Blossom, it's nice to hear from you, it's been a while. I'm going to be looking at other ways than cycling to stay in shape from now on but am enjoying my break so far.

    It's been really hot and I've been able to climb the ladder to get in and out of the lake. I had a couple great swims yesterday. I'm very buoyant so swimming with just one arm has been AOK

    Thank you all for your lovely comments.

  5. wow, so sorry about your accident. your positive attitude about it is inspiring. i hope you have a peaceful and healing vacation.

  6. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your bike injury! I hope you're getting stronger by the day and feeling better soon. Have a nice trip to the cottage - that always seems to lift the spirits and help one to relax. Happy summer!